Flaming Lips Reissue 1st EP, Release 1st Demo, on Xmas Eve

Lips 30th

2000 colored vinyl copies for each, all signed by Wayne Coyne, as part of the Flaming Lips’ 30th anniversary celebration.

 By Fred Mills

 Two weeks ago we got word that the Flaming Lips were planning on reissuing their 1984 debut 12” EP, originally issued on their own Lovely Sort of Death label on both green and red vinyl, 1000 copies apiece (plus a subsequent reissue on Pink Dust on purple wax) and that it might happen for Black Friday. That turned out to be premature, although the band subsequently announced Black Friday releases for a split EP with Tame Impala and a multi-band tribute to the Stone Roses’ first album—in the process, stirring up a bit of consternation among record retailers.

 What we now learn is that the reissue of the ’84 platter is still happening—for the day before Christmas. It’s been remastered by the band’s Michael Ivins and “sounds slightly louder in all frequencies” and boasts a “reimagined cover by freak artist Charlie Immer.” 2000 green vinyl copies will all be hand-signed by Wayne Coyne (which should keep him away from Instagram for awhile).

 Lips 12 inch EP

But wait, there’s more! Also due Xmas eve is a blue-vinyl four-song 7” EP (2000 signed by Coyne) that collects the group’s original 9/14/83 cassette demo, their first of which was later released on the Finally the Punk Rockers are Taking Acid Lips anthology. “This cassette was never released and never really heard [and has been] remastered by Kliph Scurlock… the cover photo is by Wayne’s brother Ken.”

 The tracks are “Flaming Lips Theme Song,” “The Future is Gone,” “Underground Pharmacist” and “Real Fast Words.”

Lips 7 inch EP

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