Flaming Lips Prep EP for Record Store Day’s Black Friday


Arrives digitally a month early, however… in a vinyl world, people are actually still buying digital downloads?!?

By Blurt Staff

It’s called Peace Sword: a 6-track EP from the Flaming Lips in conjunction with the Ender’s Game, sci-fi film adaptation (Orson Scott Card wrote it), which arrives Nov.1. The digital version of the EP drops Oct. 29, but for those of you who actually value “music” as opposed to “ether” you’ll be able to score it on the upcoming Record Store Day-sponsored Record Store Day’s Back to Black Friday event Nov. 29. That’s the day after Thanksgiving, duh, at all respectable indie record stores—as opposed to Target and Best Buy, double duh—and it will be in both compact laser disc and analog vinyl formats.


1 Peace Sword (“Open Your Heart”)
2 If They Move, Shoot ‘Em
3 Is The Black At The End Good
4 Think Like A Machine, Not A Boy
5 Wolf Children
6 Assassin Beetle – The Dream Is Ending

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