Flaming Lips Nix Much-Hyped Collab w/Ke$ha

Wayne Kesha

Possibly because nobody could pronounce the word “Lip$ha”… below, listen to that lackluster earlier track. Meanwhile, above, see the duo in happier times, while below, see an artist’s rendering of where the pop diva’s head is really at.

 By Perez Mills

 Meow! Today’s celebrity news is brought to you by the letters “K” and “L” – letters normally hanging out in close synch together, but apparently no longer, at least when they start the words “Ke$ha” and “Lips.”

 That would be pale-faced hip-hop star Ke$ha and the Flaming Lips, of course. The latter band’s frontman Wayne Coyne announced on Twitter today that the record the two camps had planned, in the wake of the 2012  Heady Fwendz track, is no longer on the board. “As of now… sadly there will be no Lip$ha… I can’t say why… It is sad…” posted Coyne.

Kesha bw

 To be fair, each time He or She took to the social networks or did an interview and the subject was broached, the vagueness was palpable, leading to much speculation that this was something that shouldn’t have been leaked in the first place. And most recently, Coyne subtly floated the notion that things might be subject to external pressures, telling  Rolling Stone that “I just make music with her because I think she’s cool. The rest we’ll have to let [the record label] sort out.”

 Nobody’s really talking, though. But you can bet a war of words is about to unfold via Twitter….

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