Flaming Lips’ 1984 EP for RSD Black Friday? Maybe, maybe not….


Some things are simpler than other things.

 By Fred Mills

 With the Record Store Day “Black Friday” blowout looming for Nov. 29, indie record stores across the land are prepping for the biggest day since, well… since Record Store Day back in April! And among the artists who have previously announced releases for  this year are RSD veterans the Flaming Lips: Peace Sword: a 6-track EP from the Flaming Lips in conjunction with the Ender’s Game, sci-fi film adaptation.

 Today, though, the Lips’ Wayne Coyne threw the proverbial curveball by announcing via his Instagram account that his band’s self-titled 1984 12” EP, originally self-released in small quantities on both red and green vinyl and then subsequently reissued (with new art) in 1987 on their then-label Enigma/Pink Dust, would also be among the 2013 RSD Black Friday titles. The only hitch? It’s rumored that Coyne didn’t clear the release with the Record Store Day people yet; all titles are subject to some very specific guidelines, not to mention the fact that with only 2 weeks to go before Black Friday arrives, it’s going to be a bit dicey for stores and distributors to get everything lined up to ensure that the Lips EP actually lands in the bins in time.

 Here’s Coyne’s Instagram post:

 waynewontpostpicsofnakedwomen  30 year anniversary of our very first EP !! Cover photo being re-imagined by freak painter Charlie Immer!! Comes out Record Store Day Black Friday!!! #flaminglips#recordstoreday

 Lips 1

  We shall see how this all unfolds, but obviously we’re hoping that the logistics fall into place. The EP is a fascinating slice of very, very early Lips – and yes, I have both copies of the original as well as a copy of the reissue, so it’s long been a fave around here – and absolutely deserves to be heard by as many fans as possible.

 (below: the original self-released version’s artwork)


(and the 1987 reissue’s artwork)

 Flaming Lips EP 2

  (BTW, that “won’t post pics of naked women” reference in Coyne’s Instagram handle apparently refers to the fact that he was recently kicked off the photo-sharing service for some, er, transgressions and is now pledging to be a good boy… )

Let’s listen to some 1984 Lips:

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