Flamin’ Groovies Featured in Daily Comic “Zits”


Roll over Cyril Jordan, and tell Chris Wilson the news. Hell, let Roy Loney know, too!

By Uncle Blurt

If you read the daily comics and included in your queue is the longrunning strip Zits, hoist a frosty mug high: the strip, about a teenager (typical teen and sometime rock star aspirant) named Jeremy and his family and friends, today showed the kid’s dad wearing a Flamin’ Groovies teeshirt. Admittedly, the strip’s creators misspelled the bandname (as “Flaming”), but hey, we’ll still take it as a nice tip o’ the hat to one of our favorite bands on the planet.

And Jeremy apparently has the hippest father in all of comic-dom. Now if he’ll just rock a Mekons shirt in an upcoming strip…. Hey, maybe Jeremy’s band Goat Cheese Pizza could perform at a fundraiser for that Groovies documentary film that’s in the works?

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