Flame on! Billy Squier plays—drumroll, please—Flambeau Stage at Voodoo Fest

Billy Squier

And yes, the photo above is definitely an archival one from the rocker’s hitmaking days… Wait, is that shirt in the photo pink?

 By Uncle Blurt

 Normally we wouldn’t blink twice at festival-related news; nobody cares who is playing where or when or on what stage unless they actually happen to be attending the music event in question. But this sub-header, from a small news blurb about the upcoming Voodoo 2013 music fest next weekend in New Orleans definitely caught our attention:

Billy Squier plays Voodoo 2013 at 8:45 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 2, on the Flambeau Stage.

 The frickin’ FLAMBEAU Stage? Oh my stars and garters… stroke me, stroke me, stroke me in the dark, Billy. Um, did anyone in your camp blink themselves when they saw your upcoming tour itinerary? Like, “Hey boss, why don’t we see if we can get you moved to one of the other stages, just this one time…”

Most of you reading this will recall the so-called “career-ending” music video (also voted frequently as the “worst music video ever made”) he did in 1984 for “Rock Me Tonight” – the one in which he pranced, minced, crawled and flounced around a bedroom in tight drawstring pants and a pastel-hued ripped teeshirt. Talk about some flambeau on the ol’ Zenith television screen. Don’t miss the end of the video, where the band members are doing ass-bumps with one another.

 So let’s revisit, below. You may find yourself re-examining your plans for 8:45 next Saturday evening…

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