Fishin’ for some fresh post-punk? Try Koi Division!

Meet Ian Clownfish: vocals, Hook: Bass, Bernard Salmon: Guitar, Steve Moray: Drums.

By Barbi Martinez

What would you say to the iconic tune “Love Will Tear Us Apart” as “Lures Will Catch Us a Carp,” or Transmission” as “Trout Fishin’?” How about “Dead Souls”  as “Dead Soles” with lyrics that go “they keep trawling me, keep on trawling me”?

Sounds pretty fishy, right?

Koi Division is the latest outfit to be swimming against the current in oh-so-trendy Los Angeles, and as the LA Weekly described the quartet in a recent profile, “Donning black clothes and plastic fish masks, they wind their way through Joy Division covers with modified lyrics that explore the daily, often baleful, goings-on of the sea. Their shows incorporate a bubble machine and display a beachy version of the iconic Unknown Pleasures album art behind them. Though it might seem as if they’re mocking, there is a reverence behind the humor.”

Not much I can add to that, so in lieu of a deep critical analysis…

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