Fiona Apple Offers Anti-Trump Chant for Women’s March


Where’s Lilith Fair when we need them?

By Uncle Blurt

Admittedly, it’s mercifully short, at 1:02, as a political “song.” And musically speaking, it’s doggerel – I’m being charitable here. Still, it’s a reasonably utilitarian chant that Fiona Apple’s fans can deploy at the anti-Trump rally of their choice – in particular, the upcoming Women’s March on Washington this Saturday (Jan. 21), which will come in the wake of the inauguration of our new president and should be attended by anyone and everyone who has the ability and time to get to D.C.

Apple, not typically known as the most succinct wordsmith (check her album titles for proof), has “collaborated” – term used loosely – with Michael Whalen for “Tiny Hands,” which includes a choice Donald Trump quote about females and their genitalia, and Ms. Apple’s declaration of “We don’t want your tiny hands/ Anywhere near our underpants.”

An admirable sentiment – and if this is a new “less Fiona Apple means more for music fans” trend, I’m all for it. The chanteuse didn’t have any problem being marketed as a doe-eyed, ingenue sexpot in the ’90s, so perhaps this is her way of atoning for her own blatant female exploitation.

Here’s the new Apple-Whalen “song.”


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