Fall Heroes Preview #8: Car Seat Headrest

Car Seat Headrest

Uber-prolific non-teen’s ode to “Teens” arrives late October.

By Blurt Staff

We’ll call this a “discovery” ‘cos those of us hunched down around the BLURT campfire are pretty much in awe of the newcomer known as Car Seat Headrest. His family calls him Will Toledo, and he’s a 22-year old who’s already picked up advance kudos from the likes of Stereogum and Spin. Add our voice to the chorus: he’s not destined to be a flash in the pan, what with the depth of musical savvy and clever lyricism. Debut album Teens of Style arrives October 30 on Matador, and here’s a video of key album track “Something Soon” to get you in the mood:

We are advised, of this “unknown,” that he’s issued 11 straight-to-bandcamp albums in the past 5 years, and “whatever limited notion of bedroom recording / solo / no-fi auteur-isms people might have was pretty much blown to bits by the quality of his songs, if not the staggering stylistic range.” Dude has amassed a decent following—okay, they’re calling it “fanatical,” and so much so, he’s already tapped to be a major draw at the upcoming CMJ convention—thanks to his lyrics that are beyond his years — hilarious and heartbreaking, sexy and asexual, references both to religion and to pop culture (The Cars, the book of Job, REM, Velasquez paintings, Raymond Carver, James Joyce, binge-watching shitty tv, etc).

Well, all right then! Keep your eyes on your closest Car Seat Headrest…

Photo Credit: Chona Kasinger


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