Fall Heroes Preview #7: Maserati


Album drops late October.

By Blurt Staff

The ever-amazing Maserati returns after a 5-year recording hiatus October 31 with the album Rehumanizer, via longtime label Temporary Residence. The group has so many records out to date, both under its name and as a collaborator, that it’d be impossible to list here. But 2010’s Pyramid of the Sun was pretty great. Check out a mesmerizing new song from the upcoming record—it’s pure Maserati.

Maserati describe themselves as “retro futurists hellbent on forging Krautrock and classic rock into one motorik, monolithic vehicle.” Rehumanizer is the most accomplished product of that process to date, a marriage of man and machine that plays like a supergroup comprised of Gary Numan, Cluster, and Pink Floyd.

Recorded and mixed by drummer Mike Albanese – and produced entirely by the band in their own studio – this is the first Maserati album completely devoid of outside collaboration or interference. Building songs up bit by bit – and breaking them back down to their barest elements – Maserati fully embraced technology as a songwriting tool. The band takes greater risks than ever, sonically experimenting on the fly and incorporating unprocessed vocals for the first time ever.

Photo Credit: via Wikimedia Commons, by Z Thomas April 28, 2013


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