Fall Heroes Preview #6: The Foxymorons

The Foxymorons

Check out a brand-new track from the forthcoming album, due in early November.

By Blurt Staff

The Dallas duo is called the Foxymorons, and while they ain’t in the least bit moronic, their skronky brand of indie rawk is definitely foxy as hell. To date the duo of Jerry James and David Dewese has issued 4 full-length records described as “shambling, lo-fi guitar rock and and skewed pop”—which is a pretty good description, we think. Fake Yoga is now set to be the fifth in the series (collect ‘em all), due November 6. Here’s a track to get your juices flowing, “Frontier Feelings”:

About the album: It’s a “joyous collection of abrasive, nervous, tuneful guitar rock… underneath the strange amp noise and boyish vocals are deceptively effortless melodies addressing themes of anxiety, restlessness and escape.” The aforementioned “Frontier Feelings,” in fact, is about a tormented teenage loner who wishes for “daydream boyfriends she could tell / Woody Allen, Richard Hell”. Also worth noting: the record features guest Will Johnson – frontman of Denton, Texas outfit Centro-matic and erstwhile Monsters of Folk member – behind the drumkit.

Well, all right then! Ultimately, the duo prove on Fake Yoga that they can channel their penchant for graceful melody into songs that skronk and squeal.


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