Eh? Who the F**k is JJ?


This video trailer won’t help you answer the question, but it’s still pretty cool…

By Uncle Blurt

Sigh. I may be getting too old for this game. Whatever happened to hot chicks in headbands and legwarmers, twisting and turning while Duran Duran sang about partying hearty on the4 wide open seas? Still, venerable label Secretly Canadian is promising a good time for all come Aug. 19 with their new artist JJ, whose forthcoming album V gets a teaser from said artist below (and along these verbal lines):


YOURS0208 JJ – V – Trailer from sincerely yours on Vimeo.


At last we meet again

and I’m like baby, what you doing here?

You stay on my mind.

We been up all winters for someone like you and we know that you been up all winters for someone like us.

We don’t even know your name or where you came from

and someday this war will be over so we and our friends will stay together until the end.

Making our way through this motherf*cking life.

Come on, we have to do it.

– JJ


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