Echo & Bunnymen Announce New Album, Tour


Going up…. once more!

 By Uncle Blurt

 The Bunnymen are hopping once more—ask me sometime about my summit with Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant; regarding the former, my “Desperately Seeking Mac” story is one for the record books. Apparently they are set to release their new Youth-produced album (the delayed followup to 2009’s The Fountain) in the near future.

 A cryptic note at the band’s Facebook page reads thusly:

 Echo & The Bunnymen New Album & Tour Announcement very soon. We are very excited to announce that the brand new studio album produced by Youth (The Verve, embrace etc) is nearing completion and that a title and artwork are decided plus a full European tour already booked. US dates to follow. Ian feels it’s the bands best work for a very long time. More details to follow.

Vague though it may be, still very exciting.

Read our interview from 2012 with Sergeant right here, in which he talks about his artwork and his fan-funded Things Inside solo album.

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