eBay Auction for Austin Music Club Starts Today – at $1

How much would YOU pay for the privilege of working until 2AM, dealing with spoiled musicians, policing drunk crowds, and monitoring employee theft?

By Blurt Staff

Anyone who’s ever attended SXSW in Austin will be familiar with The Parish, located at 214 E. 6th Street. The walk-up venue (it’s on the second floor) has been in the live music biz for ages, and now it’s up for sale by CEO of ATX Brands, Doug Guller. But there’s a twist: it’s being auctioned on eBay rather than marketed through a traditional real estate agent. The starting bid? Just $1 buck, and the auction begins today (Dec. 1) at noon.

Guller, speaking to KXAN, said “From a live music perspective, nothing has ever been sold this way in Austin. With a starting bid of just $1, I wanted to offer a fair playing field from the start for music-lovers of all types to own a piece of true music history in the Live Music Capital of the World.”

KXAN added “People interested in buying the space can email the Parish to set up an appointment.

Better hop fast, all you folks with deep pockets – the auction ends on Dec. 10, and the sale will close on the 22nd, just in time for Christmas, ho ho ho!

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