Drake Is Latest Celeb to Suck Up to SXSW Attendees For Cred



Give the brother some Doritos and send him on his way…

By Barbi Martinez

Hey, who wouldn’t like a backrub from Drake? But I could have done without him bumrushing this year’s SXSW, because each year it seems like yet another A+++ lister makes a “surprise” appearance in Austin in a shameless bid for some vague notion of indie cred. Whatevs…

As Rolling Stone reports:

Drake gave a surprise performance at Fader Fort during South by Southwest in Austin, TX, on Saturday. As Fader reports, his six-song set closed out the night’s festivities following performances from his OVO crew, which included Dvsn, Roy Woods, Majid Jordan and Partynextdoor. “I got nothing else to do but be here with you all in Austin,” Drake said.

Yeah, right. Drake has about as much to do with SXSW as Lady Gaga and Doritos have to do with it, and… oh, wait… nevermind. Maybe Perez Hilton can decipher this lame mess for us, hmmm?
Somebody’s marketing and P.R. agent was working overtime on this. A “win” for the mainstream R&B crooner? You’ll have to ask The Fader. Luckily I was able to get out of there before I got scrunched in the ankle by a bunch of stillettos… and I still got to see Iggy Pop and Josh Homme play this wee at an impossible-to-get-in show, along with Soul Asylum at the BLURT day party. Boo-yah!

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