Download a Fully Synched Flaming Lips/Pink Floyd “Dark Side” Mix


Roger Waters rumored to be doing a “response” with his own version of a Lips record…

 By Uncle Blurt

 No jokin’: those young lads called The Flaming Lips know their classic rock, having covered everyone from Led Zeppelin to Pink Floyd. In fact, just recently the band released a free streaming audio “immersive companion piece” to Floyd’s legendary Dark Side album, and while the proximity of the announcement to April 1 led some folks to suspect it was all an April Fool’s gag (and the band did serve up some related shenanigans), there was in fact an actual 43-minute piece of music. (Go here to listen to the stream.)

 Unfortunately many of you were unable to “enjoy” (term used loosely, depending on how much of a Dark Side geek or freak you are) the companion aspect of the project, owing either to not having two separate audio sources from which to play both the original and the Lips’ version, or simply not having the, er, skillz to cue ‘em up simultaneously with any degree of accuracy. (Synching all four discs of the Lips’ Zaireeka? Fugeddaboudit!) So an enterprising fan/geek has apparently stepped into the gap and done all the essential legwork for you, and voila! we have a credible, if very unofficial, synched mix of the Floyd/Lips mashup.

 It’s been posted over at the estimable BigOzine as a 43-minute free download, courtesy one JohnnySpork (along with companion artwork, also for download as a PDF), and it holds its own. Some segments admittedly have an air of “random noisemaking for the sake of making random noise” but overall, the Lips’ contribution to the cause is credible, if not specifically essential. It’s fun for at least a few listens, in other words, and probably moreso when “enhanced” appropriately. Mr. Spork did a fine job of synching, and we tip our hat to him. Spork on, Johnny!

 Grab the download right here, and act fast: it will only be available for a few more days.

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