Download a Live/Unreleased “Repercussion”-themed dB’s Album

dB's - Repercussion REVISITED front

McLovin’ those deebs….

By Uncle Blurt

We love the dB’s around here, and have loved ‘em since the early ‘80s, so that makes us doubly appreciative of the most excellent dB’s-centric music blog The dB’s Repercussion. (Tagline: “Every cult band needs a cult.”) It features topnotch writing and, frequently, rare or unusual tracks for free download—all with the musicians’ permission, of course.

So the latest post at the site is particularly special: a free download of what the folks there are calling Repercussion – The Album Revisited. It takes the original 13-song tracklisting of the group’s second album Repercussion and synchs up 13 live versions and demos of the same tunes, and the quality is pretty sweet, too. (There’s also a 14th “mystery track” for all you hardcore fans and ‘deebs geeks.)
dB's - Repercussion REVISITED rear

Check it out at the Repercussion blog. The image above shows the tracklisting, and here are the sources:


01, 05, 12 = NYC 1982-04-XX (sbd – venue, day unknown)

02, 06, 08, 13 = The Ritz, NYC 02/XX/82 (FM – master tape source)

03 Chris Stamey demo, c. 1981

04 Holsapple-Stamey studio recording, 2009

07 Reunion Show, Grady Cole Center, Charlotte, NC 1988-05-15 (sbd)

09–11 = Cat’s Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC 1981-10-24 (sbd)
14 = mystery track; info contained in the file tags 

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  1. Rob-in-Brevard

    Thanks, Uncle Blurt. The blog got lots of hits thanks to this piece you wrote. Hopefully, a few people also discovered how great The dB’s are!

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