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Still volunteerin’ for America…

By Uncle Blurt

Hope you enjoyed our recent photo gallery of the Lockn’ festival that took place a couple of weeks ago in Virginia; go HERE to view shutterbug Willa Stein’s images. Now we’ve got a sonic treat for you: Hot Tuna’s special “Hot Tuna & Friends” set in which Jorma, Jack and company—the “friends” this evening were Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams, Jeff Pehrson, GE Smith, Rachael Price from Lake Street Dive and Bill Kreutzmann of Grateful Dead—performing a special tribute to the duo’s old band the Jefferson Airplane. The entire thing is available for free download, along with printable artwork, over at the Big O zine.


MP3: Hot Tuna & Friends’ Jefferson Airplane Tribute – Arrington, VA 9/11/15


It really must have been a special evening, some 50 years on from the legendary Bay Area band’s heyday, and although some of the material was just a tad ragged (and we could definitely have done without the drum solo in “Volunteers,” nod to Kreutzmann or not), it’s still pretty inspiring to here such gems as “3/5 Of a Mile in 10 Seconds,” “Good Shepherd,” “Plastic Fantastic Lover” and of course “Somebody to Love.” Check out the tracklist, below.


      Track 01
. tuning/setting up 2:55 (4.9MB)
      Track 02
. 3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds 6:02 (10.1MB)
Jeff Pehrson lead vocals
      Track 03
. Greasy Heart 5:13 (8.1MB)
Rachel Price lead vocals
      Track 04
. Good Shepherd 7:32 (12.7MB)
Jorma lead vocals
      Track 05
. White Rabbit 4:20 (7.3MB)
Teresa Williams lead vocals
      Track 06
. Law Man 3:03 (5.1MB)
Rachel Price lead vocals
      Track 07
. Plastic Fantastic Lover 5:23 (9.0MB)
Jeff Pehrson lead vocals
      Track 08
. Somebody To Love 3:45 (6.3MB)
Teresa Williams lead vocals
      Track 09
. Eskimo Blue Day 8:24 (14.1MB)
Rachel Price lead vocals
      Track 10
. Band Introductions/Come Back Baby 11:19 (19.0MB)
With Bill Kreutzmann, Jorma lead vocals, Larry on fiddle
      Track 11
. Volunteers 9:35 (16.1MB)
With Bill Kreutzmann, Jeff Pehrson lead vocals, with drum duet
      Track 12
. Feel So Good 10:30 (17.6MB)
With Bill Kreutzmann, Rachel and Teresa lead vocals, Larry on fiddle

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