Download a Free Trouble Funk Concert (feat. Dave Grohl)


Live at the 9:30 Club (but of course!) on May 5.

By Uncle Blurt

My family tells me I spend way too much time downloading live music off the interwebs, but by my way of thinking I’ve cleaned up my act a lot in the past year since it used to all be porn (and I kept picking up viruses like johns pick up the clap from real-life hookers). So it’s all relative, ya know? And what we have here is an ace-sounding concert from go-go legends Trouble Funk performed on May 5, 2014 at D.C.’s storied 9:30 Club, available as a free MP3 download from our pals over at Big O Zine. Check this link for the MP3s as well as custom artwork you can download and print out.

Trouble Funk 5/5/14 Washington DC

Dave Grohl introduces the band (Foo Fighters also played at the same show) and you can hear the admiration in his voice. According to the show notes, This band is 13 people strong and features a trombone, saxaphone, two trumpets, two percussionists, a drummer, two vocalists, two keys, a guitar, and Big Tony, who also plays bass guitar. This show was billed as “Big Tony’s 50th Birthday Celebration,” and was slated to be a night of music featuring the legendary DC go-go musician Big Tony with his band Trouble Funk, along with several other notable DC-area punk/go-go musicians. Dave Grohl was advertised as the “host” of the festivities. Trouble Funk took the stage with their enigmatic front man, Big Tony for a nearly 90-minute set of go-go… it will remain a legendary night of fantastic music for those 1,200 music fans lucky enough to be in attendance.

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