Death Of Samantha Returns w/New Album


And it’s a double album to boot! Above: the band back in its original heyday.

By Blurt Staff

     Way back in November of 2011 the reunion of ‘80s Cleveland alterna-rock pioneers Death of Samantha was announced, and the original DoS lineup of John Petkovic, Doug Gillard, David James and Steve-O Eiredam got back together for their first gigs in over 20 years for a pair of Christmas shows in Cleveland.

Now word comes that the band will release their new first album in 24 years, If Memory Serves Us Well , on February 11, via their revived St. Valentine Records label. It’s an 18-song double-album that was recorded live in the studio, the night before the band played their first reunion show.


     “There were precious few combos birthed in the ’80s to whom THE SHOW was the thing. Paramount amongst this anti-hip elite was Cleveland’s own Death of Samantha,” wrote noted critic Byron Coley.

     Adds Guided By Voices Robert Pollard, writing in the liner notes to the new album, “I got into their sense of humor, the snippets, samples, titles and album covers. The fact that they had put out all their albums on Homestead. The way they dressed. Their employment of television and movie culture. The whole package. Plus, they flat out could write songs and play.”

     In 2014, the band plans to re-issue its back catalog and re-enter the studio to record an album of new material. Details:

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