Dead Moon/Pierced Arrows’ Coles “Retiring” From Music


End of an era.

By Fred Mills

It’s like losing a family member: Oregon-based husband-and-wife team Fred and Toody Cole have announced that they intend to retire, which will mark the end of the beloved Dead Moon as well as the Pierced Arrows. According to Portland’s Willamette Week, the pair cited both the recent death from lung cancer of DM drummer Andrew Loomis as well as Fred Cole’s own health issues that started in 2014 with him having to have emergency heart surgery.

As it turns out, their final performance was in January. Below, read the band’s official statement.

At this point, we’ve already finished with Dead Moon. Fred cannot handle being up onstage for an hour and a half with a 25 pound guitar wrapped around his head. He’s becoming too unsteady on his legs; his feet are numb. We’re 67 years old!

We’re just going to be doing this duo thing from here on out. We basically played the last rock’n’roll show we’ll ever do at the Crystal Ballroom….Not Pierced Arrows, either. We’re talking rock’n’roll, period. The whole thing. At this point, Fred’s rock’n’roll days are over. He knows it and he’s happy with it.

It’s just the way it needs to be. The last thing he wants to do is look like a complete parody of himself up there and do anything like fall over. He’s a very proud man, and he doesn’t need it that badly. He’s being doing it all of his life, and I know everybody would like him to go on forever, and he will to this extent [playing acoustically], which is making him happy. But the other is just too much for him anymore.”

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