DC’s Jet Age Preps for Takeoff Again

Jet Age

Hey, who writes these headlines anyway?

By Blurt Staff

We were fans of ‘em during the ‘90s when they were known as the Hurricane Lamps and we’ve remained fans when they morphed into the Jet Age: that would be the sharp-as-nails indie rockers from DC, who’ve been releasing album after album of freewheelingly beautiful power pop and tuneful hi-nrg rawk. Notching comparisons to everyone from the Who, the Kinks and Superchunk to Can, the Bats and My Bloody Valentine, the trio has been steadily amassing critical kudos and public love, and now they’ve got a brand new platter set to drop August 28. Titled Destroy. Rebuild. (Sonic Boomerang), it comes on the heels of 2014’s Jukebox Memoir and 2011’s Domestic Disturbances and is, put simply, a corker. One of the obvious highlights is “It Cuts Both Ways” which the band unveiled not long ago:

Frontman Eric Tischler noted, in a statement, “I felt like, on previous Jet Age records, I was increasingly distracted by the desire to write ‘types’ of songs and that maybe, after a string of ‘rock operas,’ I was shortchanging the emotional core of the songwriting with all these intellectual exercises. I figured, if we wrote an album full of songs that sounded like Stevie Wonder, Duran Duran, and The Small Faces, that I’d get those urges out of my system and I could find my way back to ‘my’ voice.”

Indeed, the strategy resulted in Jukebox Memoir, which featured guests Mark Gardener of Ride and Swervedriver’s Adam Franklin. And as Tischler admitted, his “initial plan of cleansing the songwriting palate seems to have worked,” for Destroy. Rebuild. sounds utterly inspired. Which, considering that all the Jet Age albums to date have been inspiring, is saying a helluva lot, eh?

The band heads to Brighton, England, at the behest of their pals The Wedding Present for the At the Edge of the Sea Festival – taking place August 29 and 30. The Jet Age have toured with the Weddoes in the past owing to a long-standing friendship between Tischler and David Gedge. Tischler wrote about it for a special BLURT feature back in 2010 that you can read HERE. And meanwhile, over at the DCist.com blog there’s a terrific interview with Tischler as well as another track, “I Wrote You This Song.” Check it all out HERE.

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