Daniel Ash Launches PledgeMusic Crowdfunding Campaign for New LP

Daniel Ash


 By Blurt Staff

 Much respected for his work in Bauhaus, Tones on Tail and, later, Love and Rockets, Daniel Ash is now plotting a solo album Stripped and is mounting a funding campaign via PledgeMusic, reports Slicing Up Eyeballs. It will also involve the fans helping out with the selection of some songs for Ash to remake.

 Wrote Ash at his PledgeMusic pitch page:

 Hello and Welcome! Since you guys have shown me endless support throughout my career, I wanted to give you all the chance to be a part of my next album. I want to put together an album of stripped-down versions of my favorite songs, but then I got to thinking…. It should be YOUR favorite songs!

     I want YOU guys to vote on your favorite songs from the many albums I have been a part of. Then I’ll strip those songs down and record all new versions of them.

     Once you pledge your favorite package below, you gain access to a hidden section of the site that will allow you to vote for which songs I put on the “Stripped” album. You’ll also receive a digital download of the album as soon as it’s ready and before anyone else hears it! You’ll also have the chance to get involved in some very exclusive merchandise and interactive experiences that I’ve never made available or done before.

    This is completely new territory for me so I’m very happy you’ll be right alongside me as we make this album together.


 Among the premiums fans will get at various levels of contribution will be Ash’s motorcycle, pictured below, and sundry memorabilia culled from all stages of his career.

 Daniel Ash

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