Courtney Love Sues Record Label & Former Nirvana Members

Courtney 2

Model/rocker apparently sues herself as well.

By Barry Judd

Today in Los Angeles superior court, rocker Courtney Love filed a 2.5 million dollar lawsuit against her former record label (and also home to her late husband Kurt Cobain’s band Nirvana) Universal Music for “looming copyright violation,” specifically citing the recently announced and forthcoming The KDC Tapes box set comprising early pre-Nirvana demos by Cobain that Universal is preparing for release on Record Store Day, April 15. Also named in the lawsuit were the surviving members of Nirvana, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, along with heirs to the Cobain estate. (Yes, that’s not a misprint.)

The Cobain tapes, primarily sing-songy ditties performed on ukulele by Cobain when he was around 8 or 9, purportedly feature on several tracks “an unknown additional musician” on “rudimentary percussion,” but to date that unknown individual hasn’t been identified. Love is claiming that it is, in fact, her, and that the tapes are being released without obtaining the proper releases or, for that matter, setting up a schedule of royalty payments.

“I used to go over to Kurt’s house when we were kids and we’d jam for hours,” said Love, in a press conference held on the courthouse steps. He only had the one guitar [ukulele] so I basically played the drums for him, on anything that was around—pots, pans, a bookshelf, even his head, hurk hurk hurk hurk! And he’d tape us on this little Wollensak mono deck, but I had no idea he’d save them, or that they would later wind up getting released. While I had initially given my blessings to the project, after I finally heard the tapes I realized that had to be my percussion on them. It sounds just like me—here, let me show you.”

Love tapped the microphone for a few minutes, then took questions from reporters. Asked about the co-defendants in the suit, it was pointed out that by suing the Cobain estate she was, in effect, suing herself. Love retorted, “Well, I suppose my lawyers will just have to take a deposition because I’ll be on the other side of the courtroom when this lawsuit comes to trial!”

When it was pointed out that it’s well documented that at the time the tapes were apparently created, she was living in the California Bay Area with her father and the extended family of the Grateful Dead, and that this has been well-documented in books and in the media, Love stormed away from the courthouse, shouting obscenities and muttering something about “El Duce will take care of you motherfuckers…”

Photo Credit: Duyoo B. Leevdeestuph (via Wikimedia Commons)

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