Continued Fallout in PWR BTTM Sexual Abuse Allegations

Punk band’s frontman accused by multiple individuals of abuse and predatory behavior.

By Barbi Martinez

Recently, punk queer band PWR BTTM’s Ben Hopkins was accused of “sexual abuse, predatory behavior, and anti-Semitism” (read about it at Pitchfork), with Hopkins and the band’s Liv Bruce subsequently responding in a Facebook post in which they didn’t completely discount or deny the allegations, saying they “come as a surprise,” but going on to note that they have set up an email hotline for fans who want to discuss the matter privately.

Whether or not Hopkins did “initiate inappropriate sexual contact with people despite several ‘nos’ and without warning or consent,” now a new person has surface who, in an interview with Jezebel magazine, makes similar allegations, in particular stating that Hopkins “made sexually aggressive advances and started having sex with her without permission while also refusing to wear protection.” The individual also commented on Hopkins and Bruce’s online statements, saying, “The statement that they made, I know for a fact, is an actual lie because I know they did know. The statement they made is 100 percent false.”

Blowback has been significant, to say the least. As Pitchfork reports, a record release show at Rough Trade was cancelled, the band’s management dropped them, acts slated to open for the band on tour have pulled out, and “two touring members of PWR BTTM [are] distancing themselves from the band.”

The story continues to develop.

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