Chrome Preps Key Reissue of ’79/’80 Tracks


By Blurt Staff

Seminal avant-punk outfit Chrome will be releasing a full album (1 CD or 2 LPs) of previously release material from 1979/80 on the King of Spades Records this coming June. The album is titled: Half Machine from the Sun, The Lost Chrome Tracks from ’79-’80

Guitarist Helios Creed explains: “Damon Edge & I made these ‘Lost Chrome Tracks’ during recording sessions for Half Machine Lip Moves & Red Exposure. We had so much material, good tracks went unused. I didn’t even realize the tapes were lost (and sold) due to an unpaid bill! I forgot about them until they were played for me recently, some 30 years later, but listening to the work I was brought right back in time where we had left off. I remembered for instance that I felt ‘Something Rhythmic’ was a special track, maybe even a hit. I guess it wasn’t time to complete these tracks then, because now is their time.

“I’ve created new music for close to 40 years now. This ‘Lost Chrome Tracks’ release & a new Chrome album I’ve been recording this year, will be my 37th & 38th albums.”

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