UPDATE: CCR Wars – John Fogerty Vs. Former Bandmates


Above: the band in happier times circa 1968.

By Fred Mills

Update 12/12

STU COOK AND DOUG CLIFFORD COMMENT ON CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL LITIGATION: “Because of recent inaccurate statements in the media regarding pending litigation, we want to set the record straight. We have never objected to John Fogerty performing any song he ever wrote, or performing any song recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival. That idea is ridiculous. Even when he refused to play those songs, and publicly called for a boycott of CCR music, we encouraged him to perform them whenever and wherever he wanted. The facts are that Mr. Fogerty, while proclaiming joyful rebirth in the press, repeatedly has his lawyers threaten us with lawsuits and demand unreasonable concessions of our rights. Last week, the threats and demands left us with little doubt that a lawsuit would be filed by him against us for the second time. This unfortunate situation required us to take unpleasant preemptive legal action. This action is about the need to defend ourselves and rights, Mr. Fogerty’s failure to perform contractual promises and unlicensed uses of the trademark ‘Creedence Clearwater Revival.’ The trademark is not owned by him, but by the Creedence Clearwater Revival Partnership. We have a business relationship with him and, under prevailing circumstances, chose not to be bullied.” -Stu Cook and Doug “Cosmo” Clifford


Rolling Stone is reporting that erstwhile Creedence Clearwater Revival mainman John Fogerty is embroiled in both a legal tussle and a war of words with his former rhythm section of Stu Cook and Doug Clifford (the fourth member, Tom Fogerty, is dead). Recall that there have been issues between the two camps in the past, with Cook and Clifford assembling a new band to tour and play CCR songs as Creedence Clearwater Revisited; this did not set well with Fogerty, who for years did not play the songs in concert due to bitterness towards the head of his former record label, Fantasy.

Writes RS, “Members of Creedence Clearwater Revisited contend that when John made comments to CTV that he would prefer they didn’t tour as CCR, he was violating a contractual agreement, among other claims. Fogerty’s ex-bandmates are seeking damages and injunctions related to the singer’s alleged misuse and malfeasance of the band’s name, according to their complaint, via The Hollywood Reporter.”

Fogerty shot back, vowing not to be deterred from playing the Creedence hits of yore. “The people who come to my shows know they will hear me sing and play the songs I wrote and recorded over the past four decades of my career. Every night we play live, I’m thrilled to see all of those fans singing along to the songs that have touched them. I am at a wonderful place in my life. I am playing the music that I love and wrote, with full joy and having my son Shane joining along side of me – It doesn’t get much better than that.

“No lawyers, lawsuits, or angry ex–band members will stop me ever again from singing my songs. I am going to continue to tour and play all my songs every single night I am out on the road.”

Whew. Let’s “go positive” at this juncture. Getcha some CCR, below.


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