CBGB Movie: Fun Flick, or Burnt-Out Car? (Watch the trailer…)


Subject header says, or querys, it all…

By Fred Mills

Personally, we are voting for Ron Weasely, aka Harry Potter film series star Rupert Grint, who portrays the Dead Boys’ ace guitarist Cheetah Chrome in the upcoming movie about iconic punk club CBGB. Here’s Ron, I mean Rupert, and Cheetah:


And here’s the film trailer. After that, another video that astutely debates the pros and cons of the movie as far as we know so far based on the trailer. Looks like the flick is heating up to be, uh, the divisive flick of the year in terms of the movie biz. How many of you out there are Rupert haters? But seriously – he looks just like Cheetah back in the day (and I say that as someone who saw the Dead Boys back in the day).

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