Canadian Punk Legend Dave Rave Returns w/New Band, Album


What befits a legend most? Kicking ass, natch…

 By Blurt Staff

 Dave Rave is familiar to anyone who’s studied ground zero North American punk – specifically, the Canadian scene of the late ‘70s that spawned his influential garage/punk/rootsabilly band The Shakers, who seriously kicked ass, not to mention his subsequent work with the legendary Teenage Head, who also kicked ass. From there it was a long, fruitful (if not always financially rewarding) journey through the music biz, and he notched mucho peer acclaim working as a session musician for Daniel Lanois, Andrew Loog Oldham, Alex Chilton, and others.

 “But,” writes Rave, in an email to us, “my roots are in the first wave of Canadian punk, and for the last year couple of years I’ve been able to harness that energy in Minneapolis. I found my new band, The Governors while on tour. After a couple of years of bopping in from time to time, it was decided that we should make a record. I was into the idea of going to one of the coldest places in the world to start the project at Rich Mattson’s Sparta Sound.  Sparta is in between Eveleth and Gilbert on Minnesota’s Iron Range.”

 The result is Ashtray Makeup (“It was recorded in the middle of nowhere and cold, but the songs come from the fun and humour that is completely unique to Minnesota.”), and the band is giving away the single “Wake Up Song” for free at Rave’s BandCamp page, so hop over there pronto, because it kicks ass! We would not lie to you… you can also stream the album at the page, but more important, how about simply supporting an independent artist who kicks ass, okay folks?

 Oh yeah – we got a video to show ya. It’s for the track “Benadil.”

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