Calvin & Hobbes Live! (In New Documentary…)

Calvin Hobbes

Subject header says it all…Greatest. Comic. Ever.

 By Fred Mills

 I’d be hard pressed to decide which 2013 documentary I’d want to see more, if pressed. But since I’ve already seen the wonderful, deeply moving Nothing Can Hurt Me doc on Big Star (go here to read an interview with filmmaker Drew DiNicola and drummer Jody Stephens), I can punt on that question—and get ready to watch Dear Mr. Watterson this weekend, the Joel Allen Schroeder-directed film about the late, great Calvin & Hobbes comic and its reclusive creator, Bill Watterson, who walked away from the strip in 1995 following an absolutely brilliant, precedent-shattering ten-year run.

 No need to elaborate here—view the trailer, below. The film arrived in selected national theaters yesterday, Nov. 15, and is also (like the Big Star film was when it debuted nationally) available via on demand cable services. I know exactly what I plan to be doing at 6 pm tonight. Incidentally, if you go to the film’s official website you can download free bonus footage as well as find out more about the documentary.

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