Calling All Smiths/Morrissey Fans w/Tattoos!


It’s gonna be a miserablist’s bedsit wet dream!

 By Perez Mills

 Proof that there’s no mope like a mope burned permanently onto one’s skin: at the Rocks Off office in NYC this coming Sunday (Nov. 24), reports Brooklyn Vegan, photographer Patrick Moore will be taking a close look at music fans who bear tattoos related to The Smiths or Morrissey. The official flyer is above; the press release text advises thusly:

 “To Me You Are A Work of Art” is a photo project in search of anyone with tattoo(s) related to, or inspired by, Morrissey and/or The Smiths. The photographs will profile fans and all their tattoos from various cities across the country over the course of the next few months. All photos will be taken by Toronto based photographer Patrick Moore.

The New York City date is this upcoming Sunday, November 24th and will be held at the Rocks Off offices in the Lower East Side (195 Chrystie St #401B) between 2pm and 4pm.  For any additional information – email


Apparently that 18” x 18” tattoo of the U2 War graphic that I have emblazoned proudly across my middle torso (think 2Pac’s “Thug Life,” but with a randy Irish twist) will not qualify, but I’m still thinking of showing up and seeing if the Siamese cat tat I have on my left arse cheek will make the cut…

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