Bun E. Carlos Sets Record Straight on Cheap Trick Estrangement


“Me and the singer don’t get along very good.”

By Blurt Staff
In the wake of the band’s pending induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, erswhile Cheap Trick drummer (and co-founding member) Bun E. Carlos is interviewed at Rolling Stone today and he dishes (albeit tactfully, so maybe “dish” is the wrong term) on what went wrong between him and the band. Among the money quotes:

After a falling out in 2010:We just drew up a contract that said, “I don’t tour with the band, but I’m a full member of the band.” We’ve got all these corporations. The touring company said, “If you quit touring, you lose your vote.” I wasn’t going to let that happen. I’m a full member of the band. So we drew up a piece of paper, and a couple years later the check stopped coming. And then I had to sue them in federal court to get my money back. We did a settlement last spring and its all hunky dory. That’s the short story.

On the source of estrangement between Carlos and vocalist Robin Zander: I don’t like doing 25 songs. I think that just kills the audience. I think the show should be 17, 18, 19 songs and encores. Robin [Zander] wanted to do longer shows….The final straw was, we were offered 100 Sgt. Pepper shows in Las Vegas with a huge back-end. He only wanted to do 50. I said, “Why do you only want to do 50?” He said, “[Whiny voice] I have to take my daughter to kindergarten in September. I don’t want her to go to school in Las Vegas.” I smartly replied something like, “We’re scheduling shows around your daughter’s kindergarten classes?” Then he was like, “Fuck you, you fucking asshole.” Then I just hung up the phone. People tell me to get fucked, I hang up. That happened two days in a row.

On the possibility of reuniting beyond the one-off appearance together at the Rock Hall induction: I don’t see it happening. Rick’s kid got a gig here and Dad loves that. I’m sure Rick would rather his kid gets paid than Rick supports his kid. Even besides that, any friendship we had went away when I had to file a federal lawsuit. That cost a bucket of fucking money. Going after these guys wasn’t pleasant. The friendship sort of frittered away there.

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