Britpop Redux: The Great Blur Vs., uh, Stone Roses Battle?

Blur Roses

Wait… you mean people actually still care about these mooks? Didn’t Oasis kick both their asses in the United States?

By Blurt Staff

In today’s “meh..” news (for you old-timers, that’s the GenY version of “zzzzz….”), we learn that for the upcoming 2nd weekend of Coachella, Friday night headliners Stone Roses have beenĀ  booted in favor of their semi-rivals Blur. According to Rolling Stone:

“On Wednesday afternoon, the Coachella website quietly displayed a new lineup for April 19th that showed the Stone Roses would start their set at 9:55 p.m. and Blur would close the same mainstage at 11:35 p.m. No reason has been given for the switch, though the Stone Roses drew a conspicuously thin crowd for their much-hyped reunion appearance last weekend. Blur, by comparison, pulled larger and more raucous attendance…”

Well, all right then!



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