Brand New’s Vocalist Accused of Sexual Misconduct, “Apologizes”

No, the finger’s pointed at YOU guys, asshole.

By Blurt Staff

Brand New frontman Jesse Lacey was accused in a November 9th Facebook thread of sexual misconduct and he has now “apologized,” according to Rolling Stone. A woman came forth to say that she was 15 in 2002 when Lacey solicited nude photos and asked her to engage in a Skyped masturbation session:

“[Lacey] solicited nudes from me starting when I was 15 and he was 24. Manipulated the hell out of me, demanded specific poses/settings/clothing, demeaned me, and made it clear that my sexuality was the only thing I had to offer,” the woman wrote. “I should’ve known better by then, but he had screwed me up so much psychologically that all I wanted was his approval. It fucked me up to the point that I STILL have nightmares and wakeup in a sweat. I still breakdown and have panic attacks when people play Brand New in a bar.”

Lacey’s response can be read at the band’s Facebook page. in which he discussed sex addiction and cheating behavior. He wrote, in part, by way of a so-called “apology”:

I am sorry for how I have hurt people, mistreated them, lied, and cheated. I am sorry for ignoring the way in which my position, status, and power as a member of a band affected the way people viewed me or their approach to their interactions with me. And I am sorry for how often I have not afforded women the respect, support, or honesty that they deserved, and which is their right. I believe in the equality and autonomy of all, but in my life I have been more of a detriment to these ideals than an advocate.






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