Boss Mustangs Debut LP Expanded/Reissued


Power garage rock ‘n’ roll, yo.          

 Originally released in 2011, the self-titled first release by The Boss Mustangs has been re-released by Rotoscope with four extra tracks.  It is the original album plus “Waste Of Time”, which was recorded in the studio the same time as the tracks that made up the first 45 release, but never used. There is an alternate mix of “Mrs. Mckee”, and two live tracks recorded in 2011. (“New York Francine” and “Never See The Day”) Grok the greatness:


Originally recorded at the incredibly analog Goon Lagoon by Dick Chiclet and Johnny Hiwatt (Tobin Sprout, Beast In The Field, Awesome Color), and mastered by Jim Diamond (The White Stripes, The Fleshtones) at Ghetto Recorders, this debut sounded like a throwback soundtrack to a 1968 Motor City Dragway short film. Boy howdy to that.

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