Bonnaroo Live Webcast Streaming NOW (and all weekend…)


Don’t eat the brown acid at home, viewers – it’s laced with crank, and you’ll feel an uncontrollable urge to disassemble then reassemble your toaster, space heater and lattice work on the floor of your living room while Passion Pit pound out the toonz….

By Blurt Staff

Well, if you choose, you can the full schedule here and catch a late flight to Manchester, TN, or you can lounge around in the airconditioned safety of your domicile and wath the proceedings online. That would be this year’s Bonnaroo, the toppermost of the poppermost, U.S. festival-wise.

You already know who’s playing (Mumford & Sons had to cancel, however), so without further adieu, here are channels One and Two for your viewing pleasure.

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream


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