Blurt’s Midweek Track du Jour: Leland Sundries “Radiator Sabotage”


“More of a garage rock direction”: that’s for sure. Erudite, indeed.

By Fred Mills

Now THIS is old school itchy-kinetic-punk-roots rawk like yer mama warned you about: Leland Sundries, whose upcoming album Music For Outcasts arrives next year (Feb. in the UK; May in the States). We’ve sung the group’s praises before, and there’s no reason to stop now based on the sheer oomph power of first single “Radiator Sabotage.” Check it out:

According to frontman Nick Loss-Eaton, “It’s more of a garage rock direction than our earlier stuff. The record was half-written during a rough period when I was drinking too much and was recorded after my open heart surgery, in an optimistic period. It was recorded in Brooklyn at the unheated Creamery Studio in Greenpoint, last winter.”

Amen. Works for us, Nick…

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