BLURT Takes a Walking Tour of U2’s Dublin (Joshua Tree Anniversary Edition)

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Our publisher gives his guided tour from 7am – 6pm Dublin Time (2am — 1pm EST… sorry, American viewers! Go to our Facebook page to follow him via his Facebook Live webcast, as well as repeated viewings.

By Stephen Judge & Fred Mills

So it will come as no surprise to longtime BLURT readers that, ahem, at least a couple of us here at the compound are die-hard U2 fans. So what better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Irish band’s going-mega 1987 album The Joshua Tree than to dispatch a correspondent to the Emerald Isle and stalk, er, we mean, salute the band and its Dublin roots?

Stephen has hopped a flight to Dublin—okay, technically, he married a beautiful Irish lass a few months back and they are blissfully ensconced thereabouts in Dublin, but work with me here—and by the time you read this he will be meandering around the city, camera video phone in hand, showing us key landmarks among the U2 physical iconography via his Facebook Live transmissions. His trek begins at 7am Ireland time (a tidy 2am here on the East Coast in the States), but you should be able to indulge repeated viewings if all goes as planned.

Fancy a pop by the house Bono once lived in? Check. Feel like scribbling graffiti on the walls of Mt. Temple School, where Bono, Adam, Larry, and The Edge first met? Check! (Don’t tell the authorities, please.) How about the location of the old Windmill Lane Studios, or the Grand Canal, where the “Gloria” video was filmed and the October album sleeve was shot? Double check. You get the idea.

Below, check out Stephen’s walking tour notes, as well as an accompanying map that will show you where each point of interest is on the larger Dublin landscape. (Special thanks to our own American lassie, Ms. Lizzy, graphic artist extraordinaire. Her visual gifts are legion; get in touch is you want to inquire about her design services.)

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 The BLURT Walking Tour of U2’s Dublin, by Stephen Judge
(go to our Facebook page to watch the live video feed)

  1. Start the tour at the Irish National War Memorial Gardens (near Phoenix Park)
  2. Head up to 10 Cedarwood Road (Bono’s original house) via car
  3. Head over to the old spot of Ballymun Flats
  4. Head east to 47-99 Rosemount Ave (Larry’s home where the band first practiced)
  5. Back down to Mt. Temple School (where they first met)
  6. Head down to Croke Park
  7. Nearby is the old SFX Theatre where the Pride video was filmed
  8. The Point, right at the East Link Bridge
  9. Walk over to Ringsends (new Windmill Lane studios)
  10. Then across to the Grand Canal, October album cover shot
  11. Then to Hanover Quay studios and the Canal where the “Gloria” video was filmed
  12. Then up to the Quays to where Dockers Pub used to be which is right next to the Fishermans Pub (popular with all bands who recorded at the old Windmill Lane)
  13. Then walk up the Quays to Principle Management
  14. Then over to Windmill Lane (the old studios areas now gone)
  15. Then walk down to Baggott Street (the old Baggot Inn)
  16. Down to Fitzwilliam Square (where “Sweetest Thing” video was filmed)
  17. Then walk towards St Stephen’s green, the old Dandelion Market
  18. Up Grafton pass by the Gaitey Theatre (video filmed here for “Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own”)
  19. Then up over the O’Connell Street Bridge, north side to the Savoy Theatre (Rattle & Hum premiere)
  20. Back down a couple of blocks to the Bono Vox Hearing Aid Store
  21. Then walk over to the Ha’Penny Bridge
  22. Cross the bridge to Merchants Arch (band took a lot of old photos here in the 80s)
  23. Then in Temple Bar, to the “Wall of Fame”
  24. Walk along Temple Bar to the Rory Gallagher guitar corner (dedicated by The Edge)
  25. Then same block or so is the old Project Arts Center (where Paul McGuinness first saw the band and signed them)
  26. That’s directly behind the Clarence Hotel so walk through the hotel to the front
  27. Walk along the Quays past Guinness
  28. End at the Kilmainham Jail

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