Blurt Fall Heroes #14: John Wesley Coleman III

JWC cd

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with “trash poets,” much less friggin’ Austin!

By Blurt Staff

As Ronald Reagan might’ve said, there you go again, BLURT… in this case, about Austin. But hell, we love the damn place, even if Texas perennially spawns some of the most bass-ackwards politicians and policies known to western civilization. (Ann Richards and Ivins clearly excepted.) Ergo, one of our current faves, John Wesley Coleman III, whose apocryphally titled Greatest Hits drops Oct. 23 via the Super Secret label. Here’s a taste of the man’s past exploits, and after that, you can scan some of the details for the upcoming release.

“The album follows years of varied creative output at a breakneck pace, including performing with psychedelic five-piece Golden Boys and releasing a combination poetry book/CD titled American Trashcan. Now, Coleman finds himself in new, unfamiliar creative turf – becoming a dad. Greatest Hits chronicles Coleman’s evolution as he subscribes to a new “hustle” – growing older and raising his daughter – and his struggle to bridge new and old ideas of being an artist. Coleman essentially sums this up as “shit being more real now.” Sonically, he takes inspiration from the Southern swagger of Dwight Yoakam and George Jones, the classic rock of Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street, the punk rock turbulence of Iggy and the Stooges and The Ramones.”

Well, all right then! We’ve been a fan of Coleman for some time now, and this promises to extend that run. See ya at the record store on 10/23.



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