Blurt Fall Heroes #13: Ahleuchatistas (“Arrebato”)


Tarheel improv-wielding noizemakerz not pulling their punches any more than they did previously…

By Blurt Staff

Oh shit. North Carolina guitarist Shane Parish and his percussionist partner Ryan Oslance are about to assault the airwaves—well, let’s make it “your ears” and “club audiences,” given that their uncompromising sound as doesn’t routinely make it into rotation at your local FM station—with a new album, the followup to 2012’s Cuneiform-released Heads Full of Poison. Due Oct. 30 via the International Anthem Recording Company, it is titled Arrebato which translates as “passionate outburst,” and if you have been following the Asheville duo’s prior passionate outbursts you know that it most likely will be another righteously rocking affair. Here’s the album trailer, followed by the deets, courtesy the label:

“On Arrebato, Asheville’s Ahleuchatistas embellish their trademark intensity with a more pensive and existential amble. These six pieces channel recollections of a natural kinship the band struck up with a number of communities they played on an Iberian tour in early 2014. The resulting story threads together a suite of lyrical instrumentals showing a deepening meticulousness for structure—elastic and labyrinthine. [They wield] a newfound compositional discipline that doesn’t detain but rather uplifts their long-held improvisational valor.

“In August of 2014, Parish and Oslance teamed up with friend and International Anthem co- founder David Allen to produce the new material at Chicago’s Observatory Studios. Determined to capture a raw impression of their sound, Oslance—wearing an armor of bells, chimes and makeshift percussives—feverishly completed each performance in a single take. Parish left space under his arrangements of guitar loops and layers, and worked closely with Allen over the following months to forge a tuneful cohesion of the players’ tensions.”

Yessirree. This is right up the proverbial BLURT dark alley. Counting the days until 10/30 now…. More? Sure:


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