Bjork Continues Down the Virtual Reality Rabbit-hole


It’s not as if she’s weird or anything, though.

By Barbi Martinez

I love Bjork, even when she confuses me, confounds me, or simply freaks out my cats. So I’m generally nonplused whenever she releases something new – like this teaser, below, for her Warren Du Preez/Nick Thornton Jones-directed virtual reality music video. The track is “Notget” and it hails from the recent Vulnicura, an album that has gotten decidely mixed reviews despite other virtual reality clips such as “Family,” “Black Lake,” and “Stonemilker.” Did I mentione there’s a Bjork Digital exhibit in Montreal?

By the way, why the hell would anyone release a “teaser” for a video? Why not just release the video itself? Despite all that, I still love you Bjork, you Icelandic elf!

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