Big Jesus: Making of Oneiric Part 3 (Video)


Atlanta rockers conquer the universe (or at least the BLURT galaxy and its neighbors…).

 By Daniel Matti

A few weeks ago we published an interview conducted with Atlanta’s aptly-named Big Jesus – they had just performed at the Wrecking Ball fest – and following that we served up an exclusive video about the making of their new album Oneiric. We continue running with that baton for Part 3, so check it out:

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“I’d say the overall experience of Big Jesus going to Los Angeles to record our new material was one of the best experiences I’ve had playing music in my life” – Spencer Ussery

The final part of the Making of Oneiric video series takes us back to Matt Hyde’s personal studio “The Hydeaway” where vocals were laid down and final thoughts were mended as they wrapped everything up.

Oneiric is out next week, Sept. 30, via the Mascot Label on CD/LP/Digital.

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