Big Jesus: Making of Oneiric Part 2 (Video)


RRRRAAAAOOOORRRHHH… Dropping into an L.A. studio with the Atlanta rockers…

By Daniel Matti

A few weeks ago we published an interview conducted with Atlanta’s aptly-named Big Jesus – they had just performed at the Wrecking Ball fest – and now we are very stoked to pick up that baton and run with it (all the way to Los Angeles, but still…) via this exclusive video detailing some of the making of their album. Enjoy, and stay tuned for Part 3 of what we are humbly calling Big Jesus: The Making of Oneiric. Check ’em out at their Facebook page too.


“If I had known we would have eventually sent out to LA to make a record I probably would have thought a little harder on the band name” -C.J. Ridings

Big Jesus has been writing their album since about 2014 and it shows. Pulling from heavy pop melodies to big crunchy metal riffs for the album “Oneiric”, this has been something long in the making.

As they headed out to LA to work with legendary producer Matt Hyde(Deftones, Slayer) the guys in Big Jesus were nervous and eager to make a record they had desperately wanted.

“Working with Matt Hyde was a complete honor. There’s something real special about working with someone who has been doing what they love for over 30 years.”-Spencer Ussery

As we continue on with Part 2 we see Ussery (singer/bass player) do his tracking at “The Hydeaway”, Matt Hydes home studio, and Ridings (Guitar) and Thomas Gonzalez (Guitar) do their tracking at Megawatt Recording. (Photo Credit: Chris Sullivan)

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