Best. Song. Now. Listen to Power Pop Gem from Nine Times Blue

Nine Times Blue

Sometimes we say things that we do not mean… but not this time. Thinking about making the “Best. Song. Now.” a recurring feature here. The Atlanta band makes for the perfect debut…

 By Fred Mills

 Jeezus… this is the best song I’ve heard in… what the hell, gonna go out on a limb and say in at least the last year. Not. Kidding. That’s a lot of fucking tunes, my friends, but I know my power pop and I know when I hear something classic, and potentially timeless. It’s called “Falling After You” and it’s by Atlanta combo Nine Times Blue (yeah, Google that band name for a reference; you’ll get a pretty cool secret thrill, just like I did). I cannot get this one out of my head, and I’m not ashamed to testify to that. Dig:

The album is titled Matter Of Time and it is currently in heavy rotation around the BLURT space station. Song after song here connects, on the same level that—and yes, I repeat other writers’ praise and comparisons here, so sue me—Smithereens, ‘mats and Gin Blossoms, or earlier, Big Star and dB’s. Maybe even some Don Dixon and fellow Atlanteans The Producers as well. The album is that immediate, that infectious, and it dropped a few weeks ago via the Renegade Recordings label. Here are the links you need for the time being. Your path is clear.

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