Best. Christmas. Card. Ever…..! Drag City Records


Special defacing U.S. currency issue…

By Uncle Blurt

Everybody loves us here at the BLURT tiny home. Yes, we have downsized to a 20′ x 60′ x 13′ space in order to reduce our carbon imprint. Plus, we can now pay way less rent since we are in an RV park. But I digress…

Among the thousands of Christmas cards we get at BLURT each year, virtually none stand out. Oh sure, we love seeing all those hastily-scrawled kudos across the back of an un-used album promo postcard from bands… ask us sometime about how much we scored on eBay for that ’90s Supersuckers autographed Xmas card. But those group photos of publicity agencies, you know, the ones where all the recently hired hot gals ‘n’ guys are pushed to the front row and the fat, greying veterans of the biz pose placidly near the back? Not so much. (NOTE to all our veteran p.r. friends: Just kidding. We look just like you, remember? See you in Austin!)

But once in awhile a much-loved (and ALL OF YOU ARE MUCH-LOVED!) correspondent simply nails it, Christmas-wise.

At the top you can see this year’s holiday card from the mighty folks at Drag City Records. Tantalizing, no? Below, check out what was revealed when we opened the card up:


And yes, gentle readers, that IS an actual defaced American uno dollar bill. It has already been submitted to the Secret Service and they have verified it is the real deal, worth at least one U.S. samolian, or in layman’s terms, about 67 cents on the open market. And no, in case you are wondering: our favorite Starbucks employee will not be finding this in the tip jar tomorrow morning. It’s going to be displayed proudly on the BLURT Hall of Images.

Good on ya, Drag City. May all your Christmases be…. er, with apologies to Bing Crosby… green. By the way, who the hell IS that stylin’, hat-wearin’ cat in the hat subbing for our man George W?!?

2016: bring it on.

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