Bernie Worrell’s Health “Continues to Deteriorate”


Above: Worrell performing live at the 2013 Gathering of the Vibes festival. Photo for BLURT by Greg Kelly.

By Uncle Blurt

I’ll keep it short and sweet: everyone send out thoughts, prayers, and P-funk good vibes to keyboard maestro Bernie Worrell and his family. According to a post his wife Judie made at his Facebook page two days ago:

“I was just told that Bernie is now headed “Home”. If you are in the WA area and want to visit him to say your goodbyes, PM me. PLEASE do not call me. Bernie can no longer talk on phone nor can he text.”

Then yesterday she posted this:

“Bernie has NOT passed. In fact, he has rallied a bit and is sitting on the edge of the bed!!!! He was not able to do that for the past two days. PLEASE do NOT speculate. It alarms our families. I will post when it is true on his website. At that point, I will not on Facebook for a while.”

Worrell has late stage lung cancer, it was announced a month or so ago, and there was also a benefit concert in NYC in April.  Here at Blurt, Worrell is a patron saint of sorts, and we were privileged to have his band perform at our annual day party during SXSW a few years ago.

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