Beck To Pen a Memoir

Jeff Beck

You lookin’ at ME, punk? JEFF Beck that is… caught ya hopin’, now, didn’t we?

By Uncle Blurt

I consume music books and rock bios like most folks consume tacos, Big Macs or edible panties. Ask me sometime about that little “architectural disaster” I had last year involving my book collection and my custom shelving in my office. At any rate, good news for all my fellow book nerds…

Just announced: Jeff Beck has signed an exclusive publishing deal with the London-based Genesis Publishing Group with plans to release “a high quality signed, limited-edition book” later this year (no word exactly what that might be). In addition, the guitar legend “is hard at work on an officially sanctioned documentary and is currently penning his own autobiography.”

We are advised that “while others may release un-authorized documentaries and biographies, these forthcoming works will be the only authorized versions by Beck himself.”

Well, that’s kinda what an autobiography is, eh? Beck, a notoriously opinionated kinda guy who has seen plenty of “stuff” over the course of five decades in rock, should have some great tales to tell. Here’s hoping that he grinds a few axes in the process ‘cos nothing makes a rock book a page-turner like the hauling of skeletons outta the closet…. Below, check out a little piece of history.

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