Beatles Release 50th Anniversary CD Box of U.S. LP Iterations


It was fifty years ago today, when Sgt. Sullivan taught the band to pray….

 By Uncle Blurt

 Lord, I was knee-high to my daddy, but I shore remember when the Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show Feb. 9, 1964; I still have the ear damage from my two older sisters’ screaming to prove it. Later on, I must admit, I became a Stones and Who fan, but no matter…

 To mark the 50th anniversary of the dawn of Beatlemania—which in a sense, actually kicked off two days earlier, Feb. 7, when the Fab Four touched down in New York at JFK Airport, EMI/UMusic will release The U.S. Albums, a new 13CD Beatles collection spanning 1964’s Meet The Beatles! to 1970’s Hey Jude. It crops January 20 (January 21 in North America) by Apple Corps Ltd./Capitol.  The Beatles’ U.S. albums differed from the band’s U.K. albums in a variety of ways, including different track lists, song mixes, album titles, and art.

 The albums are presented in mono and stereo, with the exception of The Beatles’ Story and Hey Jude, which are in stereo only.  Collected in a boxed set with faithfully replicated original LP artwork, including the albums’ inner sleeves, the 13 CDs are accompanied by a 64-page booklet with Beatles photos and promotional art from the time, as well as a new essay by American author and television executive Bill Flanagan.  For a limited time, all of the albums (with the exception of The Beatles’ Story, an audio documentary album) will also be available for individual CD purchase.  A Hard Day’s Night (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), The Beatles’ Story, Yesterday And Today, Hey Jude, and the U.S. version of Revolver make their CD debuts with these releases.

 Yes, kids (and old folks, like me), we will all be able to buy the Beatles catalog AGAIN—because, of course, the remastered reissues of the past several years, on CD, digital and vinyl, were formatted both in the album artwork and tracklistings for the official original UK releases.

 The Beatles: The U.S. Albums

Presented in mono and stereo, except where noted as stereo only

** CD debut

 Meet The Beatles!

[Capitol Records:  released January 10, 1964; 11 weeks at No. 1]


The Beatles’ Second Album

[Capitol Records:  released April 10, 1964; five weeks at No. 1]


A Hard Day’s Night (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) **

[United Artists:  released June 26, 1964; 14 weeks at No. 1]


Something New

[Capitol Records:  released July 20, 1964; nine weeks at No. 2]

The Beatles’ Story [stereo only] **

[Capitol Records:  released November 23, 1964; peaked at No. 7]

Beatles ’65

[Capitol Records:  released December 15, 1964; nine weeks at No. 1]

The Early Beatles

[Capitol Records:  released March 22, 1965; peaked at No. 43]

Beatles VI

[Capitol Records:  released June 14, 1965; six weeks at No. 1]

Help! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

[Capitol Records:  released August 13, 1965; nine weeks at No. 1]


Rubber Soul

[released December 6, 1965; six weeks at No. 1]

Yesterday And Today **

[Capitol Records:  released June 20, 1966; five weeks at No. 1]

Revolver **

[Capitol Records:  released August 8, 1966; six weeks at No. 1]

Hey Jude [stereo only] **

[Apple Records:  released February 26, 1970; four weeks at No. 2]

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