Beatles “Let It Be” Film Arrives on Blu-ray

Let It Be blu ray

And it is just as official as most of the various DVD and VHS iterations before it, fans!

 By Fred Mills

 When we last checked in on the never-ending saga of the Beatles’ Let It Be film – specifically, its “never ending” status as “unavailable officially” – we learned that plans were apparently afoot once more to alter that status. The film’s original irector Michael Lindsay-Hogg was quoted a couple of years ago, in an interview with radio station WNYC-FM, as saying, “We have been working on it pretty much every year for the last couple of years. And the plan is, at the moment, to have it come out, I think, in 2013.  [Also] when we first put Let It Be out, I had to cut out a lot of stuff that I really like and wanted to stay in there. The stuff in the new DVD has a lot of the stuff that had to be cut out. So for me, it’s like the egg is now complete.”

 Well, 2013 is more than half over and there’s been no notification about the DVD, although appetites were certainly whetted last year with the official release of Magical Mystery Tour on DVD and Blu-ray. But thus far collectors have still had to settle for bootleg editions of Let It Be like this one:

  Let It Be DVD

Either that, or hang on to a battered old VHS tape copy of the film; it was briefly available on tape in the ‘80s, later yielding a string of bootleg tape editions. And since bootleggers traditionally step into the gap to fill a need or meet a demand, word now arrives that a bootleg Blu-ray is about to his stores. Folks who have seen it suggest it has “stunning quality… it doesn’t get any better than this” and that includes both the widescreen and the full screen versions on the disc.It’s pictured at the top, so start getting those credit cards warmed up, punters!

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    1. Fred Mills Post author

      It’s been quite awhile since I wrote that and one of my regular underground sources is no longer in business, so I don’t know at the moment. I would imagine some hunting around on the web would eventually turn something up, maybe even on eBay. – FM

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