Beale Street Music Festival “Memphis In May” Lineup Announced


And it’s a corker, as the saying goes…

By Blurt Staff

Pretty impressive indeed – that would be the annual Memphis In May bash, aka the Beale Street Music Festival, which is happening in, er, Memphis on April 29 – May 1. Notable performers include Neil Young, Beck, BLURT Artist Of The Year 2015 Courtney Barnett, Weezer, Paul Simon, Modest Mouse, Grace Potter, Indigo Girls, Los Lobos and Lucinda Williams (among many, many others… for some reason they also have a handful of excruciatingly mainstream pop fare like Meghan Trainor, but hey, gotta keep the short attention span kids interested so they’ll spend their dough on sodas and chips, eh?). Go HERE to see the full lineup, natch.

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